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How to get your own website completely FREE!

This website explains how to get yourself a website completely FREE.

This is not some hoax with hidden costs - FREE means no monetary costs - that's a FREE website domain name, FREE website hosting, FREE website software and FREE website bandwidth.

The first version of this website was a real example of a FREE website. There were no monetary costs to me at all for the whole website. Even the licence fees for the stock graphics used were covered by promotional codes. Of course, it took some time to build, but not that much. Now that the website is rather popular I have moved it to a (not free) .com domain name and paid for hosting.

You can make money from your FREE site

Just because your website is free does not mean that you cannot make money from it.

This website has Google AdSense ads on it (using the great Adsreact system) as well as a few links to my own products.

How to get a free domain name

Choosing a free domain name is the first stage in the process of getting a completely free website.

There are three types of "free" domain names.

The first type, which can even include .com, .net and .org top level domain names, are "free" only in so far as you do not need to pay for them: instead you need to sign up for some offers or agree to receive a huge number of emails, etc. This does not suit everyone.

The second type of free domain name is a sub-domain provided by your web hosting company. This is not a good solution as not only do you have no ownership rights over the domain name but you cannot move it to another web hosting company.

The third type are genuinely free domain names.

Visit my free domain names pages to get your own genuinely free domain name.

How to get free website hosting

Once you have a free domain name you need to choose your free website hosting.

Why do companies provide free website hosting? They do it in the hope that you will be so struck by their services that you will move up to one of their paid for services. But, if their free service is so good, you will usually find there is no need to upgrade, unless your free website becomes so popular that the web hosting company requires you to (in which case you will probably not mind paying!).

There are dozens of hosting companies providing free website hosting services but some are much better than others. I have reviewed the market and have come up with an independent recommendation.

Visit my free website hosting pages to see my recommendation and to get your own free website hosting.

How to make your free domain name work with your free website hosting

Making your free domain name work with your free website hosting is usually the most difficult part of setting up a completely free website.

Some domain name / web hosting companies make this process so difficult I can only assume that they are trying to put you off. Others have systems that are not sophisticated enough to provide you with the features and flexibility that you need.

My review of the market included a review of the practical aspects of making it all work.

Visit my making it work page for a very simple set up that includes all the features that you are likely to need.

Build and upload your completely free website

Once you have a everything working you can build and upload your completely free website.

There are hundreds of free guides on the internet to building websites - I'm not going to repeat them here. Alternatively, you may wish to install an open source content management system and use that to build your website.

As far as uploading your website is concerned, your website hosting company will usually provide you with a guide to using their services. Many of the free website hosting services use cPanel or a similar control panel; these systems usually have their own comprehensive instructions.

What next?

You now have a completely free website. What next?

You might want to use some of the money that you have saved to enhance your website in some way. This website uses my Adsreact software to improve my returns from my Google AdSense ads - it's not free but I think that you will find that it's well worth the money!

Good luck and enjoy your completely free website.